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Life as a model it is not easy and so glamorous as everyone thinks. I am a model, in my mid twenties and This job consumes all my time and energy. After a long day at work I can not wait to go home and put all the fancy clothes and heavy make up behind me. I just want to go to shower and straight to bed.
And the money aren’t so good as everyone thinks. You are not payed so high as people use to think.
Of course this job has it s good sides. You get to travel to all this exotic place and meet all type of people. You can build your circle of friends and so on.
But the best part of the job for me is I get to go to all this conference that involves testing new beauty products. Sometimes I even get stuff for free.
The last conference I took part was a gathering of dermatologists. They were all promoting different Machines for hair reduction based on intense pulsing or laser.
I’ve learned lots of useful things there.
For instance if you have a sensitive skin IPL technology it is better for you than laser. IPL hair removal can reduce the hair for up to 4 months. It needs to be used every 2 weeks. This treatment with IPL can be done at a clinic by a doctor or even by you at home, if you buy the IPL hair removal machine.
Laser for hair removal, on the other hand, works very well on thick hair. It works for men and women. And most importantly, they have a laser available what is designed to work on red or blonde hair.
I have light hair on my legs so I need for sure laser. After the conference I got convinced I need to start using this technology.
In my job I always need to be shaved and no trace of hair must show on my legs or armpit and so on. And, believe me, I am tired of waxing and shaving.
I got to do a free session there at the expo. I’ve met a nice dermatologist who explained me in detail how laser and IPL hair removal work. I didn’t understand all the technical details that she gave me but I understood that laser it is more suitable for me.
I understood that It must be a laser device specially designed for light hair.
I did the free session there and I did feel some pain. I could see how some hair was destroyed. For me, it’s black magic. I was so impressed I asked her to recommend me a laser clinic nearby where I live.

So, when I arrived home I called the clinic and booked for a new session. I can not wait to do it again and see the new results.
But for the next time I’ll be using a numbing cream to not have to deal with the pain again.
I hope, that at my next convention that’ll go, I can find new interesting things to try that will have a good impact in my life.
For sure, this laser hair removal treatment will change my life in better. I hope I can get at that moment in life where shaving and waxing doesn’t exist anymore.
I want to delete it from my memory and from my life forever.